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About REIS

Railway Employees Information System (REIS) is being planned to cover all the aspects of a Railway Employee’s information needs. It is proposed to deliver information to all the present , past and future employees of the railways on demand 24 X 7 through all the means of delivery like through Internet, Railnet, Dedicated Kiosks etc. It is also proposed to use the biometrics and other technologies for ensuring that the information meant for an employee and which is personal to him is seen by him only in addition to the password and other security features presently available.

         The beginning has been made by putting the most confidential information i.e ACR for viewing by the Railway officers / Staff across the country through a password and a login id through this web site www.reis.railnet.gov.in .

         To implement the Right to Information Act in true spirit this site will provide one stop solution for Railway employees to access the information presently lying in various servers and computers across the organisation without making any special effort to obtain the same from various offices.

         This, it is hoped will save considerable time, energy and money for the railway employee as well as the administration in acquiring and dissipation of information on a mass scale as web based solution is easiest to implement and most convenient to use. The two way communication between the employees and other federation and associations is also proposed to be established through this web based information system.

        Railways is perhaps the first organisation in the country in showing the ACRs of 2008 -2009 through this innovative solution.

         The first cut of the REIS web site has been possible to be launched in August 2009 (within 30 days of conceptualizing the mechanism for showing the ACR’s to officers of SAG and above) due to the dedicated and sincere efforts put in by the staff and officers of Secretary’s branch, RBCC, Confidential cell of the Railway Board.


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